Do you want to enter a new market, or perhaps fine-tune your business plan? The key often lies in information on your competitors, your market and your target groups. We can provide this information.

We regularly initiate extensive research for contractors, creating insight into the most important market data. Who are your potential customers? What is their decision-making process, and what are the underlying aspects? Which trends and developments are important for potential customers? Who is your competition? We make this essential data transparent.

Solid foundation

Thorough market research creates a strong basis. You can establish your strategy much more effectively with information and figures, ultimately taking your business to a higher level. This service can be easily combined with our other services. A sound market research can be an addition to, or perhaps a starting point for, an appropriate PR, social media and/or content marketing strategy.

Straightforward research

In addition to extensive research, we also initiate relatively simple and swiftly conductible research. The main objective of this research is generating free publicity.


Would you like to see an example of our work? Please see our SME research, commissioned by SAP, or read the white paper that we developed for Sping.