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    Congratulations! I am new to your blog. I need to check out the Twitter Tips – I am helpless and sometimes hopeless on Twitter:). I use it to follow writers and a couple of celebrities. I retweet book blogs, too. I don’t even know what a hashtag is!!!! So I look forward to reading your column.


    Maybe I should rephrase my question: Does anyone know how exactly this search process works? Is it determined by the article itself or everything on the article page such as comments? I am not saying this issue isn’t a pertinent one but I just want to say that if these searches gather information via user comments then this is a different issue. While certain types of people attract this kind of behavior in comments you can’t control everything the readers who respond to posts say.

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    “I’m bipolar” more than once in the past. But over time I realized that I was defining myself by one aspect of me. It’s what I have, not who I am. It doesn’t bug me as much when regular people make that mistake. Like you, it isn’t something people generally think about. These days I might gently correct them. But people in my profession who make that mistake must be taught not to do that. It goes against everything we stand for.As for the bus- that’s too funny! White buses are a rarity here, but I’ll think of that every time I see one from now on! *G*


    elif_iv diyor ki:Beta hcg degerim 179 çıktı fakat kesem görünmedi dr 10 gün sonra tekrar gelmemi söyledi bu durum normalmi çok endişeleniyorum saygılarımla iyi çalışmalar


    15dKevin D Johnson,You are making it seem as if historically sectors of the Reformed tradition never had a problem with celebrating Christmass and other christian feast days?Don’t forget that this blog isn’t about the high church Anglican and Lutheran protestant traditions.

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