Content marketing: long-term results

As soon as you invest in PR or content marketing, you want to know what your return will be. What are the advantages compared with traditional marketing?

Long-term result

In online advertising, the result is always temporary. Search Engine Advertising (SEA), like Google Adwords, can be highly effective but this effect is cancelled as soon as you stop using paid search. Publishing online content remains effective on the very long term: your content doesn’t disappear and can be found via search engines for a much longer time. SEA and content marketing are certainly not at odds with another, the two disciplines actually complement each other perfectly.

Achieve multiple objectives

Content marketing is not merely focused on reaching your target group, it works just as well for search engine optimisation. When publishing high-quality content, search engines view your organisation as an authority which in turn benefits your position in search engines, and your SEO flourishes.

Facts & figures

  • Organic search results lead to a purchase in 14,5 percent, whilst outbound marketing only reaches 1,7 percent.
  • A prospect searching the Internet for a solution leads to purchase up to eight times as often as opposed to direct marketing


As soon as online trade magazines start posting your content, it is viewed by readers as being more trustworthy than via traditional marketing.

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