White papers en onderzoek

White papers and research

During the customer experience, your potential customers should have as much contact with your organisation as possible, so that you can influence their decision-making process. White papers are a vital part of this aspect. What are the advantages?

Influencing the customer journey

White papers are ideal for displaying your knowledge and experience in a certain field, identifying you as an expert or thought leader within your branch.

Lead generation

Visitors can usually only download a white paper upon providing their contact details. This information can give rise to interesting leads.

Search engine optimisation

White papers improve your organisation’s position in Google and other search engines.

Basis for PR and content marketing

White papers provide the opportunity of objectively exploring certain methods and technologies. It’s a shame not to share this information with the wider world. We often use content for supplying articles to the press, which we distribute via blogs and social media.

Need assistance?

Those who produce the right white papers can boost contact with its target group and substantially increase conversion. Do you need help writing these papers? Co-Workx works with specialised writers. Not only do they know what a good white paper looks like, they also have the required knowhow on the IT and industrial markets.


In addition to producing white papers, we can also carry out research for you, for example on your of your competitor’s market position.