ROI van contentmarketing

How do we measure PR results?

Only 21 percent of marketers believes to be successful in retrieving content marketing’s ROI. We however believe that measuring the results of your efforts can yield loads of additional value. So we make this measuring as visible as possible, using the following criteria.

Number of views

Most publishers know precisely how often their content is read, which is why we request all kinds of measured values such as the number of page views and how many times a video or document has been watched. But we go even further. We use specific technology that measures how long a reader viewed the page, and finds out how many individuals have clicked on the links in the articles.

Links to relevant information

We prefer not to link to homepages in blogs on third-party sites, as a reader benefits more from a page with more substantiated information. We construct landing pages on certain topics, on which we publish certain public research results, visions, blogs and road maps. Because of our technology, we know thanks to content marketing exactly how much traffic is realised by the landing page.

Monitoring social media

In addition, we can accurately monitor what happens to the produced content on social media. This is significant, as this is increasingly often where leads originate. We can plot and anticipate all sorts of social signals, such as mentions, comments and shares.