Schneider Electric whitepaper

Boekje voor Schneider Electric

Aleksandra Andjelic

Maak een klein handzaam boekje. Dat we na een event over energiemanagement willen uitdelen. Zo luidde het verzoek van Schneider Electric. Visueel concept Omdat mensen na het bezoek van een evenement niet meer een uitgebreide brochure willen doorbladeren, hebben we gekozen voor een sterk visueel concept. Waarin het beeld leidend is. En de tekst scrollbaar. Een lezer moet op iedere …

Corporate brochure

Corporate brochure

Aleksandra Andjelic

‘I know of only one agency capable of translating and rewriting technical texts in the right manner, and this is Co-Workx’, or so spoke our contractor. We obviously jumped at the opportunity to create an appealing corporate brochure. Exhaustive technical knowhow From smart cities, energy and building management, energy generation and electrical installations to rail conduit systems, building automation and …

Content voor sporters

Content for sportspeople

Aleksandra Andjelic

Sometimes you are fortunate enough to work for a contractor with great in-house technology. This technology can be used in a special way. An example being SAP, the enterprise that made analysing big data huge in the athletic world. Big data for sports people Would you like to know how SAP conquered the athletic world? Or how big data contributed …

Content voor marketeers

Content for marketers

Aleksandra Andjelic

Marketing and technology nowadays go hand in hand. Thanks to technological developments such as big data and the cloud, marketing departments have valuable tools at their disposal. Media targeted on marketing is becoming more interested in technology. We bridge the editorial gap for our customers between technology, marketing, and professional media reporting on this branch. On Marketingfacts, Mirjam Wamsteeker from …

Content voor managers

Content for managers

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Directors and managers are decision makers. They cannot really perform their role without a sound information supply, whether it be about security, big data and cloud or office facilities and HR. We write a lot of content for this target group. Thanks to our measuring techniques, we know that Managersonline is an ideal title for visibility amongst a large group …

Content voor MKB

Content for SME

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As soon as you write a substantive article or a good blog and publish this on or in a good medium, you know you’ll be found by your target group. Which is why we often write about innovation and new developments for our contractors. We provide tips for the SME, and offer practical examples to show companies what sustainable business …