PR is the new SEO

PR is het nieuwe SEO

SEO used to be more of a technical matter. Online marketers knew all kinds of tricks to mislead Google. But these days are behind us. Today it is all about the content’s quality. Appearing in the news now pays off more than ever. And this is what we have been doing for years: realising high-quality articles in the press.

How do we assist?

We start with exactly defining your target group. Who do you want to reach? At what position levels? What are their interests? Based on this information, we concoct sensible content that reads well. We write entirely different texts for technicians than for business managers.

What kind of content?

OWe do not push products, as you want your articles to be read. We use PR 2.0 instead. We write about new developments, a future vision or a sharp opinion on a subject. Please view our portfolio for ample examples of our texts.

What is the link with SEO?

We enhance all of our content with relevant search terms and do so naturally rather than forcefully, as articles should remain readable. SEO is no longer as much about search terms, but about the content’s quality and relevance. We are very familiar with technology. We can provide editors with blogs, articles and press releases in the correct HTML structure.

Where do we publish texts?

The DMU does not consist of a specific job group. They should know your brand at C level. Always consider a facility manager’s or technician’s role in the decision-making process. Your target groups are no longer loyal to specific titles, which is why we ensure the highest possible reach in both online and offline media: from management titles to professional trade magazines, and from newspapers to consumer magazines. In this way, everyone gets to know your brand and expertise.