Aleksandra Andjelic

Aleksandra AndjelicAleksandra is known as a fierce lady, also due to the fact that she went scuba diving amongst seven bull sharks in Cuba – without a cage. Her dog guards the Co-Workx fort’s drawbridge during office hours. Let’s just hope that owners don’t really look like their dogs, as her four-legged creature appears to have no brain cells whatsoever.

She often carries a camera, and used to be a fervent urbexer. But after being asked if she wasn’t depressed once too often, she now photographs exotic cultures, producing exciting images with strong contrasts.

Aleksandra is an attraction in her own street. Jogging along with a pram in front of her and a hairy dog on her side have not yet resulted in an increase in local housing prices (including bread and circuses!), but has certainly lead to hilarity amongst neighbours.