Blogging is a good way of sharing expertise and telling your ‘business story’. But even more importantly, it provides new leads. Companies with an active blog realise 97 percent more leads than blogless companies. And if you write more than 15 blogs each month, you will direct 5 times as much traffic to your website than companies that don’t blog.

What do you achieve by blogging?

A good blog gives an opinion on, or gives a clear insight into, actual topics. You can inspire your target group with a sharp vision, or by providing practical information. Publish anything related to your field of expertise on a regular basis. You can reinforce the connection with your target group by offering independent information. You will enhance your authority and gain trust, not only ensuring lead generation but also a higher conversion, more customers and a higher revenue.

Attuning to SEO

But blogging isn’t easy. Your strategy should be well-attuned and optimised for search engines (SEO) and social media. At Co-Workx we are constantly busy concocting and producing blogs that optimally contribute to SEO. We think of new perspectives, expressing a sharp opinion that is promoted on suitable social media channels or via trade magazines.

Companies with an active blog have 97 percent more leads than blogless companies.

Become a thought leader

Do you wish to generate free publicity on all kinds of media channels with your blog? Or would you rather fill your corporate site with actual content? We can help you out with advice on an effective blog strategy, as well as with a blog’s technical set-up and finding the best SEO approach. We would love to help you turn your organisation into a thought leader.

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