SEO: boost your position in the search results and drive traffic

Content = king, but what if it’s not reaching your target group? Content then equals capital destruction. We are well aware of this.

Search engines are the beacons in this information age. People rely almost blindly on Google in their quest for information and answers. That’s why search engine optimisation (SEO) forms a common thread through all of our content services.

Avoiding pitfalls

In contrast to several years ago, writing your content especially for search engines no longer suffices. Filling texts with keywords can even be counterproductive. SEO today works in a slightly different way, and we know how.

Technical SEO optimisation

We can place technically correctly content so that search engines understand it better. We can anticipate content consumption from a large screen and mobile devices. All our content published in external media is delivered in the right technical (HTML) structure, made to measure for a specific website. We assist editors in effectively posting blogs, articles and press releases.

We will also optimise your website, using the latest technology such as structured data. If necessary, we will together with your web builder make your page or website SEO-friendlier. This is an essential starting condition, certainly for inbound marketing.

We can furthermore anticipate common searches and take care of link building. Not the old-fashioned type of link building via shady start pages and spam content, but by using solid content that is so good that search engines present it to your target group.

All in all, we ensure your content is optimally findable.

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