Social media for IT companies

How to use social media in the right way? How to reach your target group and actually connect them to your company? Or do you want to draw attention to your product or service? Increase your brand awareness? Show what kind of company you are and what kind of corporate culture you have?

At Co-Workx, we do nothing but help customers do this every day. Without huge budgets being involved.

Thorough strategy
and clever tricks

A good social media strategy consists of much more than just being present on social media. For example, your social media campaigns should be well woven into your marketing and public relations strategy. You also need to choose smart times for postings. Adhere to certain codes of conduct. And use all kinds of gimmicks. We are happy to help you with a smart approach and a solid strategy.

Social media

Our social media services

Social media strategy

We make sure your campaigns are well aligned with your marketing, PR and communications strategy.

Social media content

We know your market and need little input. In doing so, we always do things a little differently than your competitors.

Social advertising

Thanks to smart (re)targeting, we know how to achieve website visits, leads and conversion.

Analytics and reports

Using our tools, we provide insights into the results of our campaigns.

Competitor analysis

So you know how your competition is using social media, what results they are getting from it and how you can do better.

Monitoring and webcare

We continuously monitor the posts that are relevant to your organization. So that we guard your online reputation.

Dare to be different

We like to make sure that your social media posts stand out more. That they are better appreciated. How? By not doing the same as all the other IT companies. We are just that little bit more creative with our communications. And just a bit smarter with our texts.

No worries:
we got your back

Keeping all those channels up-to-date and communicating with your target audience takes time. Time you might prefer to spend on other things. Don't worry: we'll take care of everything for you. We call it unburdening.

Social media

Ready for

Then we can briefly summarize IT events for you in thought-provoking posts. Use your social media channels for thought leadership. Ventilate your vision or opinion on the IT profession. Showcase new products and services for you. Or we can think along with you about the right strategy or set up specific campaigns for you. We can even take over the management of your channels.