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Free quick scan: which place does your organization hold?

Your marketing targets are tightly tuned. You want to reach the target group, display products. Get views on that landing page. Generate leads. Profiling your company as an expert on the right channels.

But can people easily find you in the search engines and are you prominently present on various channels? Find the answer to these questions with our free online quick scan. With our extensive 'baseline measurement' and reporting, we show you where your opportunities lie.

This is what we assess

After the quick scan you'll receive a comprehensive report.
We assess your online presence based on the following 5 crucial pillars:

1. Website: content

Is it immediately clear what the company does? Is there a clearly visible content strategy?

2. Website: technique

Is the websites' back-end in order and suitable for display on mobile?

3. SEO

Is the website optimized for search engines?

4. Social media

To what extent is your company or brand visible on social media? Is there a clearly visible strategy?

5. PR

Is the company visible in the relevant (trade) media?


Opportunities and areas for improvement

It is a missed opportunity not to make optimal use of your online platforms. Therefore, use the free quick scan to evaluate your online presence. You will receive concrete tips for each pillar. We expose your opportunities for both the short and the long term.

Your advantages
• Improve your online findability in search engines.
• Receive concrete tips for improvement on your online strategy.
• Increase your conversion rate.
• Get started with tips & tricks from our experts.
• Don't pay anything.

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