Seize opportunities
with lead generation

Hoe kom je in gesprek met prospects? Welke boodschap geeft ze het gevoel dat jouw organisatie hen begrijpt? Het antwoord op deze vragen vind je bij Co-Workx. We hebben inmiddels veel campagnes voor leadgeneratie ontwikkeld. En niet geheel onbelangrijk: die hebben ook tot goede resultaten geleid.

This is what we do

Email marketing

The right strategy, distinctive texts, striking designs and CTAs that score… We have everything you need to achieve impressive conversion ratios.

Social media marketing

With the right strategy and content, we ensure that your company radiates trust and authority on social media. So that they yield more conversion.

Inbound marketing

70-80% of your target audience only clicks on organic search results. We therefore ensure that you are visible online when your target group is looking for an IT solution that you provide.

White paper marketing

Your customers search for information about IT solutions at the beginning of the customer journey. We ensure that you showcase your knowledge in a white paper in such a way that it becomes a real lead generator.

Marketing automation flows

Your target audience consists of individuals that all have different and unique needs. Therefore convert a universal content offensive into personal expressions.

Lead generation websites

In addition to informative websites, we also develop websites aimed at generating leads. We focus on creating and sharing engaging and original content.

Score within
a blink of an eye

You don't have much time to present yourself to a lead. According to several studies, only 0.05 to 2 seconds. In other words: you have to attract attention immediately, otherwise you will lose the lead. This means the whole picture has to be right. From the design, the colours used, the structure, the text and even the font. Having trouble doing all this at once? At Co-Workx we know exactly how to seduce your target group and reel them in.


Your target group
in sight

How well do you know your customers? Do you know exactly what their challenges are? If so, then you know how to address them. Not sure? Let Co-Workx help you with ideas and content for lead generation. Thanks to our IT specialisation, we are often already aware of the steps that a customer goes through when purchasing an IT solution. We know what scores and what doesn't to generate awareness. And how we can encourage them to take action. We draw up a sophisticated strategy with which you attract attention and grow your company.

The numbers


By now we have the necessary experience.

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