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SEO: rise above
the rest

You spend a lot of time and energy on good content. But how do you make sure it actually reaches your target audience? Fact: search engines play a crucial role. We know all the best SEO tips and practices inside out. We make sure that your web pages, blogs and other content end up high in Google. So that you benefit from a continuous flow of visitors. And without you having to buy advertising space for it.

Onze SEO-diensten

Keyword research

What is your target group struggling with? We make that visible. So you can score with promising topics.


The more links to your content or website, the better it ranks in search engines. We take care of that.

Content optimization

You want your content to be easy to find. Well, then that content has to be 'SEO-proof'. We know how to do that.

Website optimization

You don't build a sturdy house on mud. We help with the right foundation for better findability.

SEO scan

SEO is about setting priorities. We uncover key areas for improvement and low-hanging fruit.

SEO strategy

SEO is not a one-time exercise. It requires a thorough approach, with the right strategy. We can draw that up.

Zo speel je jezelf
in de kijker met SEO

SEO was easy back in the days. Just stuff your content with keywords and you reached the skies. These days, it's much trickier. Search engine optimization requires research, planning, continuous adjustment and the necessary (expensive) tools.
The technology has to be right. There must be enough links pointing to your content. And the content itself must comply with all kinds of rules.

Sounds complicated? Well, it is. That's why we put a lot of work into research and keep up with the latest developments. So that you benefit from up-to-date SEO services.


We play smart

No, we are not a "pure" SEO agency. And that's an advantage. Because because we do much more, we can cleverly combine our services. We write SEO-proof content right from the start. We work on link building and authority in search engines through PR.

Conversely, SEO complements our other services. Think about lead generation. Our landing pages not only convert, they attract traffic through Google. Because we know the rules of the game.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a collective term for all activities aimed at improving your company's position in search engines.

SEO ensures good position in the search engines on relevant search queries. Check. But: what does that actually get you? The answer: a continuous flow of relevant visitors to your website and/or your content!

With SEO you create a positive visibility for your company, your website and/or a specific landing page with your target group. With products and solutions that are relevant to your target group, or with answers to pressing questions and help with challenges. Oh, and a nice bonus: search query research gives you a clearer picture of the needs and challenges of your target group.

The IT sector is par excellence an industry that deals with complex issues. The lightning-fast technological developments make a lot possible, but also raise questions. Which solutions are suitable for my situation? Or more scary: what is the best firewall for the SME? Or more broadly: how do I get business value from the enormous amount of data my company has at its disposal? What is the use of IoT for my company?

The challenges affect not only technology, but also business. Especially now that services are digitizing at a breakneck pace.

SEO is the connection between all these challenges and the answers and solutions that your organization can offer. It provides insight into what your target audience is struggling with, and what questions they have. It also ensures that this same target group knows how to find you if you have the right answers and solutions.

Content is a powerful tool for providing answers. Sometimes it is a technical white paper about an IT solution, other times a case story or an animated explanation. With SEO you ensure that your content reaches the right target group and the right people recognize you as an authority in the market. SEO also ensures a constant flow of visitors to your website and your content. Isn't that great?

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertizing, or advertising within search engines. With SEA you pay for a place in the search engines. A place that is clearly different from the 'organic' search results. Many visitors recognize the paid spot as an advertisement, and that makes it less valuable.

Unlike SEA, SEO aims to get a good spot in a "natural" way, without buying ad space to do so. This offers a number of advantages:

  1. Long-lasting results

    Unlike SEA, you can achieve long-term results with a relatively small SEO effort. While an SEA campaign may attract visitors, each visitor costs money. A place in the organic search results through SEO provides a 'free' stream of visitors. One that, moreover, can persist for years, long after your SEO effort is complete.

  2. Beneficial ROI

    This one is related to the previous point. Because investments in SEO can pay off over a long period of time, the ROI is generally favorable.

  3. Better insight into your target group

    Through keyword research, you gain insight into the problems and issues that your target audience is struggling with. This is not only beneficial from a marketing perspective, but can also provide new insights that will improve your products or services.

Note: SEA is not "worse" than SEO. The power of SEA is that you can attract visitors in a relatively short time on a campaign basis to, for example, a landing page. These two disciplines are therefore a good complement to each other.

What tools do you employ for SEO?
  1. Content, content, content

    Content is the foundation of everything we do. This is no different for SEO: content marketing is the most important 'driver' of our SEO efforts. Both quality content on your own website and on blogs and third-party sites can improve your company's position in search results. We are therefore happy to work with both. Thanks to clever tricks, we also link the content on your own website to the content in the media wherever possible. We also know exactly what content needs to be and optimize it where possible. Thay way, the content scores high in relevant search queries.
  2. Technical optimizations

    Good website technology provides a solid foundation for good SEO. We can examine the entire website for points of improvement and where necessary - in consultation with web developers - implement (or have implemented) improvements. We can also ensure a good internal link structure, so that the right pages can be found easily.
  3. Linkbuilding

    Links are still one of the most powerful quality signals for search engines. They determine the value of your content and web pages to a large extent by the quantity and quality of the referring links. Those links don't come naturally. Building and maintaining a powerful link profile takes a long time. We can help you with that or even take it off your hands completely.
Lastige vraag. Zoals vaak hangt het helemaal van je doelstellingen en je behoeften af. Aan het eenmalig doorlichten van een website op vindbaarheid hangt natuurlijk een ander prijskaartje dan een langdurig SEO-contentproject. Weet wel dat wij altijd transparant zijn in de kosten die wij rekenen. Doordat SEO voor langdurige resultaten kan zorgen, is de ROI doorgaans goed.

Your position in Google is constantly changing. Not only does the algorithm change regularly, but also your competition. SEO is therefore not a one-time activity, but an ongoing process. Even from a good starting position it is important to continue working on good positions in search engines on relevant search queries.

How? For example, by continuously spotting new promising keywords. Or by further optimizing good scoring content. By ensuring that the website remains technically up to date. And by developing new content that is optimized for both visitors and search engines.

No, and you should immediately distrust companies that do. SEO is not an exact science and good positions are never guaranteed. In the end, only the developers of the search engines know exactly how the algorithms work. Of course, with the right SEO strategy, you can greatly increase the chances of earning a good spot in the search results.
Daar kunnen we kort over zijn: ga niet op deze aanbiedingen in. Er zijn talloze schimmige bedrijfjes die zogenaamd beschikken over allerlei hoogwaardige domeinen. Door gastblogs aan te bieden of links naar jouw site zouden ze jouw positie in zoekmachines kunnen verbeteren. Zo werk SEO allang niet meer. Google is echter inmiddels zo slim dat het dit soort ‘spamnetwerken’ herkent. Het kan dergelijke activiteiten zelfs bestraffen met een lagere positie of zelfs complete verwijdering uit de zoekresultaten. Een link van een domein uit zo’n netwerk doet dan meer kwaad dan goed.

We have several methods for this. For example, we can strategically incorporate links to pages in blogs and/or press releases. We can also generate links through guest blogs in the media. Now, it is true that editorial websites usually do not allow links to commercially oriented web pages.

This is often possible through paid media placements. However, we are extremely careful in this regard. We make sure that the placement does not have a spammy character, because that can cause a penalty in the search engines. In the end, paying for backlinks is an activity that search engines discourage. We also assess the media via special tools on authority, value for SEO in general and added value for the total backlink profile. This also allows us to determine whether the placement is valuable and the amount requested is realistic.