Social media

Social media

Many companies want to ‘do something’ with social media. They want to be present on as many channels as possible, which is understandable as target groups are probably on there too. Nevertheless, this kind of approach is useless without a solid strategy.

Discipline in its own right

Social media presence is a discipline in its own right. From effective posting times to codes of conduct and technical tricks: each channel has its own vagaries and whims. This demands a smart approach and sound strategy, as well as devotion, as keeping all these channels up to date and communicating with your target group is time-consuming.

Peace of mind

We can give you peace of mind. We think along about the right strategy. We can even manage your channels for you. A pleasant communication with your target group and spreading your content always takes centre stage, as this increases your reach and reinforces the connection with your target group.

Our activities

  • Social media strategy
  • Content curation and creation
  • Setting up and managing social media channels
  • Competition analyses
  • Social media scans
  • SEO