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About us

LinkedIn research demonstrates that non-branded and non-commercial content is popular. Almost 60 percent of respondents indicates an interest in this content. More than half believes this content influences their decision-making process. Content from ICT suppliers is particularly favoured.

The right knowhow at hand

This is precisely what we do best: inbound marketing for in particular IT suppliers and the industrial market. We are dedicated to technology and always know what’s happening in this world. We read as many megabytes as possible and watch the latest videos every day, so we are aware of any market developments.

Lead generation

This knowledge is very useful in our PR activities of ensuring organisations are noticed in the media and on social media. We formulate content strategies and execute these, so our contractors realise lead generation and promote their brand awareness. With our specialist knowhow, we know exactly how to create this attention for any organisation via white papers, articles, blogs, releases or social media.